Our mission is to increase access, interest, and knowledge of healthy and nutritious food to improve healthy-food security, empower individuals to make healthier food choices, and develop a culture of “good food” in communities, schools, and homes.

Punch 'n' Munch Snack Program

Working in partnership with the  Eastside Boxing Club, the Punch 'n' Munch Program provides nutritious food to at-risk youth in the East Side Boxing Club's after-school boxing training program. The program serves vulnerable and at-risk youth aged 13-19 from the Downtown East Side and East Vancouver

Good Food for All delivers Good Food Snack Boxes packed with fresh, nutritionally balanced snacks for 60 youth per week. For many youth in the after school boxing program, these snacks are the first 'meal' they eat all day.

We also stock the Good Food Pantry with healthy food staples to ensure youth stay well fed at home.

Good Food for All also provides nutrition education for youth every two weeks.

What is a Good Food Snack Box?

Good Food Box

Good Food Snack Boxes include foods like carrots, cucumbers, melons, berries, cheese, whole wheat crackers, organic granola bars, healthy hummus, and locally sourced chocolate milk and produce.

A Good Food Snack Box contains complete pre- and post-workout snacks for youth in the after school program. A complete snack includes fresh fruit, vegetables, a protein, a carb, and a snack to take home and costs $2.50

$50 -   1 Good Food Box - Snacks for 20 Youth
$150 - 3 Good Food Boxes - Snacks for 60 Youth

All Good Food Snack Boxes are vegetarian. Good Food for All makes a concerted effort to serve whole organic foods that are low in added sugar and sodium. We also support local farmers and businesses.

Positive Impacts of Good Food Snacks

The Punch 'n' Munch Program positively affects youth in a number of ways. Some outcomes include:

  • Improved access to healthy food
  • Youth learn how to make healthier food choices
  • Food increases attendance at the after school boxing program

Your donation will help ensure vulnerable youth in Vancouver stay healthy and active.

Please consider making a reoccurring monthly donation, which will help us expand the program to additional youth in East Vancouver.


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